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Munge’s Service & Supply Ltd is a multi-faced company comprising of specialist divisions in electrical contracting, distribution, construction equipment hire and the supply of globally-sourced products for Mines, Farms and Heavy/Light industries. .delivering mining, timber, manufacturing, processing and agricultural industry solutions on the promise of innovation today, tomorrow and beyond!

Our Mission

The mission of the company is to be the most reliable and reputable brand leader in business solutions that focuses on meeting market demands and addressing business challenges experienced by our clients.


It is through extensive expertise and experience and challenging conventional standards that Munge offers innovative and cost-effective solutions through each of its divisions.


At Munge’s Service & Supply Ltd we deal in all kinds of equipment.


1. Maintenance ,Repair and supply of Crusher parts-Both mobile and fixed
2. Troubleshooting on hydraulic power packs-
3. Maintenance of Semi Auto Genius Mills. (SAG)
4. Maintenance of the Copper Dewatering Press filters.
5. Maintenance of pulley drives.
6. Maintenance of slurry and gear pumps.
7. Maintenance of pneumatic systems
8. Repairing of Repairing of Krebs Millmax pumps,ie MM400, MM600, MM700
9. Maintenance of agitator drives and thickener.
10. Maintenance of fluid couplings.
11. Maintenance of Gearless Drives and Supply of all plant consumables from mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.



1. Maintenance ,Repair and supply of Dump truck parts
2. Maintenance ,Repair and supply of drilling equipment
3. Maintenance ,Repair and supply of Dewatering Pumps
4. Maintenance ,Repair and supply of Heavy-duty workshop tools
5. Supply of all workshop consumables.



1. Maintenance ,Repair and supply of all Tractor parts
2. Maintenance, Repair and supply of all heavy-duty and light duty diesel Power generators.
3. Maintenance ,Repair and supply of all types of Motorbikes
4. Maintenance ,Repair and supply of Pontoon Engines
5. We offer all Diesel Services on Farms


We are currently registered and service companies on the Copper belt and North Western provinces. 


We are currently registered with six 15 mining companies on the Copperbelt and Western provinces respectively to whom we supply various products and services. 


However, we are working out modalities to expand our business to all the ten provinces and the continent at large. Our target group in the local market include: the mining sector, municipals, energy, health agricultural and transport sectors to name but a few.

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Human Resource

MUNGE’S SERVICE & SUPPLY (Z) LIMITED has trained dedicated and experienced manpower. We currently have a team of 30 with experience and qualifications in civil works, 25 well trained personnel in Mechanical and electrical work. 


Additionally, our team has vast hands experience in the mining and energy sectors as well as project management and business development. 


In all MUNGE’S SERVICE & SUPPLY (Z) LIMITED l has a qualified human resource team of 60.

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