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3. CHEF MANAGER X 01 NDOLA PURPOSE: oversee the running of an entire team to ensure the highest quality of food and service is delivered on time and within budget. QUALIFICATIONS AND PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES Minimum of a degree/diploma in food production or any equivalent combination of education and working experience sufficient to perform job duties


RAD Torque Systems B-RAD

The RAD Torque Systems B-RAD is especially suitable for jobs where electricity or compressed air are not available. The number of cycles per battery is depending on stud length, lubrication, temperature and torque setting. When the ability to read and display torque in real time matters, the B-RAD Battery Series torque wrench is the right choice. This lightweight torque

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Fluke Reliability -Condition Monitoring Equipment Sales & OEM Support Now Available in Zambia

ShaftAlign Touch is a combination of software and hardware innovations enabling maintenance teams to address a wide variety of alignment challenges that basic laser alignment systems cannot handle. It also delivers premium Adaptive Alignment capabilities that, until now, were not available in an entry-level system. Two innovations – single-laser technology and Active Situational Intelligence –

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Dodge Sales & OEM Support now Available in Zambia

DODGE COUPLINGS Gear couplings are designed to transmit torque between two shafts that are not collinear. They typically consist of two flexible joints—one fixed to each shaft which are connected by a spindle, or third shaft. Gear couplings are three-piece flexible shaft couplings that are used to connect driving and driven shafts in mechanical power

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Introducing the all new B-RAD X !

RAD Torque Systems is taking torquing to the extreme with the all-new B-RAD X. The latest generation in the company’s popular battery tool series, the B-RAD X is raising the bar for cordless torque range capacity, topping an impressive 15,000 Nm –making the B-RAD X officially the most powerful cordless torque tool on the market. The Unbeatable RAD Torque Systems B-RAD has gone extreme.

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The Titeforce team will be at the 2022 Electra Mining Expo. We are so excited to be exhibiting once again at Electra Mining Africa 2022, held September 5-9 in Johannesburg #southafrica. We’ll be showcasing the latest technology of the torque tool industry. Visit us in Hall 6, stand K10, we look forward to seeing you! RAD Torque Systems | Africa will be represented


 TFE  group product Range

At Titeforce Joint integrity is paramount to the function and longevity of bolted joints, especially on pipelines and super structures where industry standards are adhered to for both optimal functionality and safety. Allow Titeforce to provide the correct torque tooling for your application. Titeforce supplies top quality precision hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and electronic torque tooling and lifting equipment

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